Carcomm Power Cradle with antenna Coupler for iPhone 5

Carcomm Power Cradle with antenna Coupler for iPhone 5

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Carcomm Power Cradle with antenna Coupler for iPhone 5
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"Made for iPhone" / MFi Apple Lightning to USB Cable

For a perfect connection with your iPhone, simply clicks into the cradle.
USB charger compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt

Can be used in cars and trucks.

Compatible with a factory installed "Made for iPhone" USB port
Can be connected to a "Made for iPhone" USB port that is already
installed in the vechicle.

Integrated Antenna Coupler

Allows the connection of an external antenna to reduce GSM interference.

Easy installation

Can be mounted on the windscreen with the window mount or on the dashboard with the swivel mount, both accessories are included.
Compatible with

Apple iPhone 5 - Without protection case / bumper case


The CarComm Plug-In Cradle easily integrates your smartphone in your car. When your smartphone is sitting safely in the cradle it will always be in sight and within reach while your battery is being charged. Perfect fit The cradle has a compact design which blends in with your car's interior. You can easily rotate the cradle from an upright position into a horizontal position, ideal for navigating on your smartphone. But you can also rotate the cradle into almost any angle for an optimal view on the smartphone. The perfect fit of the cradle makes it easy to slide the smartphone into the cradle and just as easy to slide it out. USB connection The cradle comes with a cig-plug USB car charger and a Lightning to USB cable to connect to your vehicle's 12 Volt or 24 Volt outlet. It is also possible to connect the USB cable/cradle directly to the car's "Made for iPhone" USB outlet if one is available and if it supports the connected smartphone. Antenna Coupler The device specific holder has an integrated antenna coupler which decreases GSM interference and improves signal reception when an external cellular antenna is connected.

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Charge Your iPhone on the go with the CarComm Power Cradle.   The CarComm Power Cradle with antenna Coupler for iPhone 5 is a charging device for your car. So now, while on the go, you can conveniently charge your iPhone 5.   Your smartphone easily fits into the CarComm Plug-In Crad...
Published: February 3rd, 2014

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