iSkin Protouch PB - Blush (Pink)

iSkin Protouch PB - Blush (Pink)

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iSkin Protouch PB - Blush (Pink)
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The ProTouch PB Keyboard Protector is available in two transparent skin tones: Arctic (frosted clear) and Sonic ( electric blue). Skin Tones add a splash of subtle color to the keyboard.


Non-restrictive typing The ProTouch PB is designed to cover each key of the keyboard and create a non-slipping protective layer that allows you to type normally and comfortably. Since it's made of durable, flexible silicone, it's soft to the touch and dampens the sound of the keystrokes - handy when in quiet zones like libraries, meetings or classrooms. Washable and easily removed When washed regularly or removed before closing, the iSkin keyboard protector eliminates screen staining by reducing the occurrence of finger oils and dirt particles being transferred to the iBook/ PowerBook screen. Skin tones Designed to fit the new Apple PowerBook G4 Aluminum and the new iBooks. Also fits the PowerBook G3, Clam Shell iBooks and PowerBook G4 Ti.

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