Moshi Clearguard 11 for MacBook Air 11"

Moshi  Clearguard 11 for MacBook Air 11"

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Moshi Clearguard 11 for MacBook Air 11"
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Protect your valuable MacBook against spills, dust, and other contaminants without any annoying keypad interference. Moshi's ClearGuard is made with an advanced high precision material that form fits to the MacBook keys. This allows for comfortable typing while providing maximum protection.

ClearGuard is unique in that it is one fifth of the thickness of other silicone protectors, granting unparalleled key sensitivity and response. ClearGuard is also highly transparent making it visually unobtrusive. This ensures that backlit keys can be clearly seen while ClearGuard is protecting your keyboard. It also preserves the unrivaled look and feel you expect of your Macbook.

ClearGuard is easily washed with water and can be used repeatedly to keep your keyboard clean and undamaged.


Compatibility: ♦ MacBook Air 11" Model 3,2 (Late 2010) ♦ MacBook Air 11" Model 4,2 (Mid 2011) ♦ MacBook Air 11"(Mid 2012)

Moshi's silly long cardboard packaging means this product are simply too long to fit into a box and will be easily get bent during transit.

To make sure the product well producted, we will remove the packaging and put the product in a box to make sure it's delivered safe and secure. 

If you must have the item sent in it's original packaging, please let us know.

There is a surcharge of $15 to send this product in a extra large box. 

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Apple on Wednesday updated it’s itty bitty 12 inch Macbook with new processors and a new colour option (Rose Gold, nice and matchy matchy for those of you with iPhones in the same colour). However, in a move that is likely to draw much criticism (again), they’ve stuck with the single ...
Published: April 27th, 2016

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