Latkeys Keyboard Stickers - Japanese

Latkeys Keyboard Stickers - Japanese

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Latkeys Keyboard Stickers - Japanese
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- Easy to attach and remove. Keyboard map included.
- Easy to read.
- Unique coating protects from abrasion.
- Clear matte keytops, no-glare typing.
- High quality PVC film ensures good contact and feel.


Golden colour Latkey specializes in producing producitvity keyboard stickers. Their range of keyboard stickers facilitates entry of text in non-Latin alphabets for people who are learning new languages, learning/teaching typing and non-English speakers.

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  1. Dylan Petrusma
    Overall, I am pleased. However, there are a few issues: The は and ま stickers, which go where F and J are, make no allowance for the little ridges that many keyboards have, including mine, so those two stickers aren't as adhered as they could be. Also, the stickers for ゛,「, ゜, 」, and む are not quite correct. Perhaps my layout is a bit difference, but for me, the English [ corresponds to ゛ and 「 in Japanese, ] corresponds to ゜ and 」, and \ corresponds to む. However, the stickers have ] with ゜and「, and \ with む and 」, so that's a little annoying.
    Dylan Petrusma verified customer - 24 March, 2013

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